Make the switch to LogMeIn Central

As part of a comprehensive strategy to increase system security, all non-two-factor or non-multi-factor authentication (non 2FA/MFA) technologies, which include remote VPN access provided by customers, have been disabled. Our support team is now using LogMeIn Central for all remove access.

LogMeIn Central is a remote access software that can be installed on any server or register that allows PrismRBS to access devises.

To make the switch, review and sign the contract addendum as soon as possible and send back to A PrismRBS customer success representative will follow up with next steps.

Why LogMeIn Central?

  • PCI compliant and equally secure as a VPN, with little to no maintenance or upkeep costs
  • Built in two-factor authentication
  • Allows real-time support while monitoring and maintaining systems